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The Mature Christian

When we become Christians and follow Christ and His ways, we should grow and become mature in our knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. God wants us to grow in his image and likeness, much like some kids start to look more like the parent as they get older. As we get more mature in Christ, our thoughts begin to be His thoughts, and our ways begin to be His ways. Isaiah 55:8 says God’s thoughts are higher than ours, but another way to say it would be God’s thoughts and ways are superior to our thoughts and ways. For us to be mature and become who God wants us to be, we need to get rid of any fake expectations of God and His Word. Here’s an example of a false expectation: If God loves me, he’ll make sure I don’t ever experience trouble or even a little suffering from time to time. Walking with God doesn’t guarantee a get out of jail free card. He will help us through difficult times, but he never promised everything will be perfect or without issues. He only promised that it would work out for our good. God desires that we mature, which necessitates learning to survive the bumps in the road and the harder aspects of being in a fallen world. He is creating an adult. Are you ready?Just a thought. God Bless.

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