Beyond These Walls

The Power Holyghost Ministry International is a church that has, for many years, been offering assistance to people who are confused and in pain. Now that we have the opportunity, we can do much more than stay within our walls; instead, we can move out into our city and state in a significantly more impactful way. Because of this, we will be able to assist an even greater number of people in need, which will benefit everyone involved in the end.

Jesus tells us to go into the highways and byways and compel others to come in when He instructs us to do so in Luke 14:23. PowerHouse Holyghost Ministry International is now called to be more than just a single church. Through the work that we do in ministry, we are called to inspire people all around the world. We must keep moving in the direction that God has shown us and develop into something even better than we were before.
The following will be included in Going Beyond These Walls: 1. Training at Bible schools – To give you the best possible chance of being saved, we will advise you on how to be an outstanding Christian.