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“Submission and Authority”

Honoring those in authority is in our best interest. People at times don’t want to honor any kind of authority. They resist and buck the system wherever they are. It’s interesting to watch this. Those who honor and respect the authority over them seem to get farther down the road than those who don’t. Now if the authority is asking you to do something wrong or immoral, we have the right to say no, but we should be respectful nonetheless.The rules of driving are meant to protect us, not to harm us, yet I believe some rules are ungodly, like the speed limit (just kidding). Really, I’m glad we have the rule of driving on one side of the road. I’m glad it’s not optional, because I don’t want to get into a head-on collision. Without rules and authority we would have utter chaos.God has set up rules to make our lives better, so that if we follow them, He can bless us. Let’s take another look at the benefits of having authority in our lives and thank God for His protection and His love.Just a Thought,




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