Your spiritual haven where divine love and transformative faith converge. Our story begins in 2009, paving a path that has guided countless souls closer to God, making us a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and divine grace.

Our ministry’s core is deeply entrenched in fostering an environment that encourages families to survive and thrive. We provide essential resources to stimulate personal growth, facilitate healing, and construct a community reflecting the love and servitude that Jesus personified.

We find our greatest joy in kindling a sense of purpose and fostering a sense of belonging in a compassionate, family-centric atmosphere. Amidst the fast-paced chaos of today’s world, we offer a sanctuary of peace, a space of spiritual succour and resilience.

With unwavering commitment, we endeavour to effect transformational change within individual lives, extending across our vibrant communities in Nigeria and the United Kingdom and resonating globally.

Join us on this journey of faith and love as we uphold our mission with steadfast determination. We are here to create a sense of belonging, spread unity, nurture faith, and encourage families to blossom. We’re not just changing lives; we’re altering the course of the world. Welcome to Powerhouse Holyghost Ministry International – your spiritual home and the epicentre of transformative faith.