About Us

Since 2009, PowerHouse Holyghost Ministry International has been serving the neighborhood of the Ijako Sango Otta community, and we now have a branch in the United Kingdom. Our Communications Are Precise We believe that everyone needs salvation and that trust in the gospel and repentance are necessary for salvation.

Our intent is sincere. Our goal is to win the world for Christ and to proclaim God’s infinite kindness and redemptive gift.

Our Procedure Is Convenient.

Our mission is to share the gospel with as many people as possible. We are devoted to proclaiming that Jesus came to redeem us.

We make a concerted effort to live according to the biblical model of holiness and love. We strengthen our homes by adhering to God’s teachings regarding the husband and wife’s ethical obligations and their responsibility to bear and educate children.

Our Ministry is markedly individualized. According to God, each individual is unique and special. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, taught us that our love for one another would indicate that we were His disciples. As a result, we want to sincerely love each individual and minister in the power and grace of Jesus Christ.

Our church is committed to providing outstanding biblical instruction to children and adults of all ages, from infants to the elderly. We have credentialed instructors who respect God’s Word and delight in sharing it with others.

The entire purpose of our existence is to convey the gospel of Jesus Christ to a world in dire need of God’s truth.