PowerHouse Holyghost Ministry Int. has been serving the Pace, Ijako Sango Otta neighborhood since 2009. Our Communication Is Accurate We believe that everyone needs salvation and that repentance and faith in the gospel are required for salvation.

Our Motive is Pure. Our objective is to win the world for Christ and to praise God’s immeasurable love and a gift of redemption.

Our Methodology Is Convenient.

1. Our goal is to spread the gospel to as many individuals as possible. We are committed to preaching the gospel that Jesus came to redeem us aggressively.

2. We make a serious effort to follow the biblical pattern of holiness and love in our lives. We strengthen our families by following God’s instructions regarding the husband and wife’s ethical responsibilities, as well as their obligation to bear and educate their children.

Our Ministry is distinctively individualistic. In God’s view, each human is unique and special. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, taught us that our love for one another would serve as a sign that we were His disciples. As such, we desire to love each person truly and minister in the power and grace of Jesus Christ.

Our church is family-oriented, and we seek to provide quality biblical instruction to children and adults of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. We have qualified lecturers who appreciate God’s Word and take pleasure in communicating it to others in an understandable manner.

We exist solely to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to a world in desperate need of God’s truth.