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Pride That Destroys

There is a healthy pride and pride that is destructive. Healthy pride is when you have good self-esteem and are at times proud of your accomplishments, such as being proud of your children. These things are good and you should be proud of these types of things. The pride that is destructive thinks they’re better than someone else, looks down on others and compares themselves to others. Healthy pride, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is a “sense of personal satisfaction; self-respect, self-sufficiency, happiness, joy and self-esteem. This is, and will remain, healthy as long as we keep it in perspective and we remain grateful and appreciative in our attitude. We may not have everything we want, but we can be appreciative for the things we have.

Healthy pride stems from being obedient to Christ, not from trying to find outhow much you can get away with. People are constantly looking for ways to get out of doing what they should be doing or pushing the limits on how much they can get away with. This isn’t good. When you have healthy pride:

You will sleep better.
You will have freedom in your thoughts.
There’s no more guilt over what you did wrong.
There’s no feeling like you’re a failure.

A good self-esteem that is grateful is healthy.

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