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Courage or Cowardice?

Courage is about overcoming the unknown or stepping into the unknown. People are held back from their dreams at times because they lack the courage to step out. Sometimes, it’s because they’re afraid to fail. Everyone in life fails at some point. No one succeeds at everything. Failure can be a positive thing sometimes. It can teach you what not to do and what you should do the next time. If you haven’t failed at something, you haven’t lived life. You exist, but live below your potential. People who have accomplished quite a bit have had setbacks that they have learned from. The lesson is learned, and then they move forward and give it a go. Courage is that ingredient that will cause you to move forward, to get up, live and dream again. Whatever that step is for you, I encourage you to rise up and truly believe. Let’s learn from our mistakes and go forward.

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