Practice Radical Love

Treat people the same way you want them to treat you.
6:31 Luke (NASB)


The verse we’re looking at today is perhaps one of Jesus’ most well-known statements. Around the world, this principle is referred recognized as the Golden Rule. However, there is much more to this word than meets the eye. It is at the center of Jesus’ concept of what it is to love someone. “But to those who are willing to listen, I say, love your foes!” Jesus said in the actual language of the passage.
People who despise you will benefit from your efforts to influence them positively. Bless those who have persecuted you. Pray for those who have wronged you in some way.” The teaching on this subject is and has always been revolutionary and radical. “Love your adversaries!” says Jesus further. “Do good to them,” he says emphatically. Don’t expect to be reimbursed if you lend to them. Your recompense from heaven will be enormous, and you will honestly be acting as children of the Highest since he is gracious to the unthankful and wicked.” More than we could have anticipated that Jesus has called us to a higher calling. Our responsibility as His disciples is to follow in the loving footsteps of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He has entrusted us with the obligation of carrying out his instructions. As Jesus explained, “You must be compassionate in the same way that your Father is kind.” Let us pray that God will aid those of us who are “ready to listen” in loving others with the intense love that Christ has for us today.

Father, I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done for me. Your exhortation to love others is a compelling one. In my flesh and blood, I am unable to do so. Allow Your Holy Spirit to come upon me and fill me with His presence. I ask that you empower me with Christ’s power so that I can go and love as You love, In the name of Jesus.

Rev.Sam Adeyemi

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