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“The Power of the Tongue”

Life is what you make of it. No matter the circumstances, we make our own choices. The Bible talks about the tongue and how it has the ability to speak life or death, not just into our lives, but into the lives of others as well. We can always talk negative and let things come out of our mouth that will constantly be a hindrance to us, or we; can speak life; positively speak those things which can help and affect our lives in good ways. We get to choose what comes out of our mouths. When I say things like, I’m no good; I’m never going to make it, that actually makes me feel bad about myself and affects my outlook on life. But when I begin to speak life, I feel better about myself and see life in a better light. We choose everyday how we react to situations. Start speaking life, start talking positively, get away from bad news and start talking about what is right in life. Think on things that are good.

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