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The Double Life

How do we see God? How do we honor and please God? These are questions all of us should ask ourselves from time to time. Do we really believe, or do we wear God like a sticker, patch or a designer shirt? Do we believe when it’s convenient or do we purpose to please Him in all of our ways? We can’t compartmentalize our walk with God. We can’t act one way at church and another at home or work. At times, when people are caught doing wrong, they’re quick to say, “Yeah, but I’m a Christian, I believe in God,” or “I got saved when I was young”. If we’re truly right with God, (as in, saved or born again) then we’ll have real desire to get to know God and want to please Him. We’ll want to learn His ways and follow His teachings. We won’t have two lives, but we’ll be consistent wherever we go. God will no longer be a patch we wear, but we’ll purpose to serve and please Him in everything we do.

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