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Sheltered by Grace at Powerhouse Holyghost Ministry International: Finding Refuge under God’s Umbrella

In Our Walk of Faith, We Find Divine Shelter

At Powerhouse Holyghost Ministry International, we stand as a testament to the unyielding grace of God. In a world where storms of life often rage with unpredictability, our church offers a sanctuary. In this place, God’s grace is an ever-present umbrella, providing shelter, comfort, and hope.

God’s Unfailing Love: Our Eternal Shelter

Within the walls of Powerhouse Holyghost Ministry, we experience the unwavering shelter of divine love. This love, which flows from the heart of God, is a haven for all souls, a place where the weary find rest, the lost find direction, and the broken find healing.

Grace: The Gift of Unconditional Love

At our church, we embrace the truth that God’s grace is a gift freely given to all. It’s not a reward for our deeds but a testament to God’s boundless love and mercy. Here, under this grace, we are all equal, enveloped in the warmth of God’s compassion and forgiveness.

Embracing Vulnerability, Finding Strength

Powerhouse Holy Ghost Ministry encourages vulnerability before God. Under His umbrella of grace, we find the courage to share our struggles, knowing that in our honesty, we find strength and connection. Our vulnerabilities become the catalyst for more profound spiritual growth and community bonding.

A Community United in Grace

Our ministry is more than a congregation; it’s a family united under God’s grace. Here, each individual’s story is valued, creating a tapestry rich with diverse experiences, all woven together by faith, hope, and love. Together, we find strength in our shared journey of faith.

Extending Our Umbrella of Grace

As recipients of God’s grace, we at Powerhouse Holyghost Ministry are called to extend this grace to others. Our outreach programs and community initiatives reflect our commitment to embodying God’s love and offering shelter and support to those in need.

Walking in Grace: Our Spiritual Journey

At Powerhouse Holyghost Ministry International, each step we take is a step under the umbrella of God’s grace. This journey is one of continuous spiritual discovery, where we grow, learn, and become ever more like Christ, our ultimate example of grace in action.

Revd Sam Adeyemi

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