You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate.
Luke 6:36  (NLT)

Jesus acted as a role model for us. For two thousand years, people have been hearing the story of His tremendous Love spoken by His servants. We are to be compassionate, merciful, and sympathetic toward a lost and broken world, just as Jesus and His heavenly Father were toward them and us. Our obligation to love extends beyond that; it is our calling as human beings. It is a result of learning to know Christ more fully and intimately. As a result of receiving the Holy Spirit, it is a natural side effect. In his statement, “Love is patient and kind,” Saint Paul characterized this form of love by saying, “Love is patient and kind.” Love does not behave envious, arrogant, pretentious, or disrespectful. It does not insist on following a particular method of doing things. It is not annoying, and it bears no witness to any wrongdoing on the other party’s part. It is not ecstatic about injustice but rather about the triumph of truth. “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is forever hopeful, and endures in the face of adversity.” Today, ask Christ to imbue you with the same compassion and love that he has for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to aid you in enabling you to live a life of love by praying for him.


Father, I am helpless to live the life of love to which you have called me unless you enable me to do so via your guidance. Fill me with the Holy Spirit, I pray. Convict me, forgive me, and give me the ability to love as You do.


Rev.Sam Adeyemi

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