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Highway to the Comfort Zone

Everyone has a comfort zone or a “confidence zone”. Again, a comfort zone is the place that we feel the most confident in. It’s the place where all is well. It’s the “middle of the road” place. For many, it’s the difference between true success and average, or doing just enough to get by. I believe a person’s comfort zone is determined by two fears: fear of rejection and fear of failure. We have to remember that everyone fails from time to time; just remind yourself that it’s not fatal, just temporary. The distance between the two is what makes up the comfort zone. The wider the space, the greater the capacity we’ll have to succeed and try new things. We can then attempt and achieve more. The less space between the two, the more we limit our abilities and potential.

In a large zone, it’s where we feel the safest and the most confident. If you take people higher, they will work to get back to the place where they are the most comfortable. If you take them lower, they will do the same. People with a wide comfort zone will think in terms like “What if I can…”. Those that are average and limit themselves think in terms of “What if I can’t…” There’s a big difference. Let’s try not to be “average” and limit ourselves. If we strive to grow and develop in this area, the sky’s the limit.

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