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Self-esteem is about what and who you identify with. It’s about how we feel about ourselves and not what others think about us.  Self-esteem is defined as a belief in oneself, or self-respect. Another definition says it is proper respect for one’s self and one’s worth as a person. How we view ourselves is important and it will determine how we treat others as well.

We are taught that we shouldn’t’ think too highly of ourselves and we definitely don’t want to become conceited, but on the other hand, we don’t want to demean ourselves to the point of self-loathing either. We need to see ourselves as God’s creation; fearfully and wonderfully made. We will make mistakes, but it’s healthy for you to like yourself. You’re not perfect, and still need to work on things, but you shouldn’t allow the actions and speech of others to blind you to your own value and worth. Self-esteem is about how you view yourself, so start to see yourself in a better light and don’t worry about your shortcomings. Work on them and acknowledge that you were created to be incredible!


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