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Day 2 of 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting: Our Year of Divine Settlement 

Blessed morning, a cherished family of Powerhouse Holy Ghost Ministry International!

As we step into the second day of our spiritual journey, let’s continue to seek the Lord with expectation and open hearts.

Today’s Scripture: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6


Today, let’s meditate on the concept of trust. Placing our complete trust in God is fundamental to experiencing His divine settlement in our lives. Reflect on areas of your life where you need to relinquish control and trust God fully. What steps can you take today to deepen your trust in Him?

Daily Prayer Focus:

Focus your prayers today on trust and surrender. Pray for the courage to trust God completely with your life, decisions, and circumstances. Ask for the faith to surrender all your worries, plans, and fears into His capable hands.

Encouraging Thought:

“Faith is not believing that God can, but that God will.” Remember, our confidence is in His faithfulness and not in our strength or understanding.

Practical Tip for Fasting and Prayer:

As you fast today, use this time to surrender each area of your life to God in prayer. Visualize handing over every worry and plan to Him, and allow the peace of God to fill you.

Closing Prayer:

Lord, we come before You on this second day, asking for a deeper trust in Your will and ways. Help us surrender our understanding and lean wholly on Your promises. Guide our paths and make them straight as we walk in faith and obedience. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


We would love to hear from you! Share a moment from the past when trusting God led to divine settlement in your life. Your testimony could be the encouragement someone needs today.

Additional Prayer Points for Day 2:

  1. Personal Surrender: Pray for the strength to surrender every aspect of your life to God, trusting Him fully for your future.
  2. Church Leadership: Lift the pastors, leaders, and decision-makers in our church. Pray for wisdom, guidance, and a deep trust in God as they lead.
  3. Global Missions: Pray for missionaries and Christian workers around the globe. Ask God to protect them, guide them, and provide for their needs as they trust Him in their service.
  4. Community Impact: Pray that our church community would be a beacon of trust and faith in God, impacting those around us with the message of hope and salvation.
  5. Youth and Children: Lift the younger generation in our church and community. Pray that they would grow up trusting in the Lord and finding their path in His plans.
  6. National Leadership: Pray for those in authority in our country. Ask God to guide their decisions and actions, leading them to trust in divine wisdom over human understanding.
  7. Personal Petitions: Present your prayers and requests to God, trusting that He hears you and is working things out for your good.

Grace and peace,

Reverend Sam Adeyemi

Powerhouse Holy Ghost Ministry International


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