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The Eternal Seeker of the Lost

We’ve all had moments where everything feels like a maze without an exit. A time where decisions feel heavier, paths become blurrier, and the light at the end seems too distant. In these very moments, we often question our purpose, worth, and sometimes, even our faith.
But what if I told you that feeling lost isn’t a sign of abandonment but an invitation for a deeper connection?
Remember the parable of the lost sheep? The shepherd leaves the ninety-nine in the wilderness to search for that one sheep that went astray. The shepherd does not rest or give up until that lost sheep is safely in the fold; This isn’t just a story; it reflects God’s relentless love for us. Just as the shepherd seeks out the lost sheep, God seeks out each of us, especially when we feel the most lost.
“Ever felt lost? Remember, He seeks the lost. If this touched you, it might touch someone else too.”
Our moments of vulnerability, doubt, and wandering don’t distance us from Him. Instead, they make His pursuit of our hearts even more vibrant. You’re never too lost for God’s reach. And the beautiful thing? When you are found and trust me, you WILL be found; the joy that envelops you is beyond words.
If you’re feeling lost right now, take a moment. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel that connection. Sometimes, the silence isn’t empty but full of answers. Full of love.
If this resonates with you, don’t keep it to yourself. Please share it. Someone in your life might be going through a season of feeling lost and could use this reminder. Let them know they are seen, loved, and, most importantly, sought after.
Revd Sam Adeyemi
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