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One true believer’s faith equals the strength of ninety-nine who merely show interest.

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A Global Beacon of Faith, Hope, and Love At PowerHouse HolyGhost Ministry Intl., our mission transcends geographical boundaries. We are committed to spreading the Gospel and nurturing personal connections with God across the globe. Our Essence: Faith, Fellowship, and Service In our vibrant sanctuary, the Holy Spirit's presence guides individuals in discovering their purpose and spiritual gifts. Grounded in Jesus Christ's teachings, we embody His love and grace, impacting lives everywhere. Our Commitment: Making a Worldwide Impact Our church serves as a hub of worship and community engagement, dedicated to meaningful outreach and service. From local communities to international missions, our goal is to effect positive change, embodying Christ's love in every corner of the world. Our Promise: Open Doors, Open Hearts We welcome everyone seeking deeper faith and connection. Join us in our journey of spiritual growth, societal transformation, and fulfilling God's plan for our lives wherever you are in the world. Uniting Hearts, Empowering Faith, Embracing Love Globally.

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Experience community like never before at PowerHouse HolyGhost Ministry Intl. We believe church is more than just gathering for sermons; it’s about creating a family that shares life’s journey.
Our growth as followers of Christ is deeply rooted in meaningful connections with those who walk a similar path of faith.
Interested in being part of a vibrant community group? Reach out to us via email to find your spiritual family.

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