Genuinely Love Other

Don’t just pretend to love others. Love them.
Romans 12:9


It is so simple to lie. When it comes to loving people, it is simple to only go through the motions without engaging on a deeper level. Paul writes that we are to “really” love one another, and if we do not comprehend what he means, he provides a list of loving characteristics. He writes, “Love one another with sincere affection and take pleasure in respecting one another. When the people of God are in need, be prepared to assist them. Be joyful with those who are joyful, and sad with those who are sad. Live in harmony with one another and do everything possible to live in peace with everyone.” Consider all the people you will be with today, and by God’s help, don’t pretend to love them; love them sincerely.


Dear Father,  You are love, so I pray that Your Holy Spirit will enable me to stop pretending and truly love others.

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