The Wonderful Mercy of God


Yet he was merciful and forgave their sins.
Psalms 78:38 (NLT)


We take for granted God’s forgiveness. We are incapable of fully appreciating His mercy. Why? Because we do not view our behavior through His eyes. If we did, we would be completely taken aback by His grace. Consider what the Psalmist wrote about Israel’s children in today’s reading. “Despite his marvels,” he said, “they refused to believe him. They only paid lip regard to him; they lied to him with their mouths. Their hearts were not in his favor. Oh, how frequently they rebelled against him in the wilderness, how frequently they pained his heart in that parched wasteland. They again put God’s patience to the test and provoked the Holy One of Israel. They had forgotten his might and how he had rescued them from their adversaries. They had forgotten about his amazing acts in Egypt.” How much of this is true of us? Despite their rebellion, today’s verse states, “He was gracious and forgave their sins!” Today, be amazed at the love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace He lavishes upon you.


How I have rebelled against You, how ungrateful I am for all that You have done for me, Dear Father. How quickly I forgot Your blessings. Please pardon me! Today, I come to express my gratitude for Your kindness and grace toward me. I praise You, Lord, for Your mercy. In the name of Jesus.


Rev.Sam Adeyemi

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