Waiting On God

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Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.
Psalms 62:5

It is so hard to wait sometimes. We are so driven. Burdens, passions, ambitions all take turns moving us from moment to moment, barely leaving us time to breathe. Even when we don’t have pressing needs, we fill our time with busyness. And when we aren’t hurried on the outside, we are spinning around and around inside, deep in the recesses of our mind. Thoughts out of control, emotions hammering us, voices commanding us to keep going, keep moving. All the while our soul is crying out for rest. And all the time God is waiting to give it to us. He desires us to stop and know Him. David knew this, so he forced himself to stop and wait. He wrote, “Let all that I am wait quietly before God.” And why? Why did David do this? Because he knew God was his only hope of peace. He declared, “My hope is in Him.” It can be the same for you. Today choose to stop the madness. Stop the busyness. Choose to wait, wait quietly before God. Know Him, love Him, fellowship with Him. As you do, you will find your hope in God.

Father, I know I have been so busy that I haven’t taken the time I should to be with You. Help me change. Help me as I seek to wait for You. Help me as I attempt to quiet my heart. Help me hear Your voice. Help me see Your face. Help me find my hope in You.

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