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Security Risk

Every day, when we get up, most of us want to feel secure in our lives. We place our security in many different things. Some of us place it in people, so when someone lets us down, we become decimated. Some of us place it in our job, and yet, we’ve seen what looks like the most stable businesses go under. Whatever it is that we substitute for God becomes the thing that we serve. The Bible says not to put your trust in uncertain riches, which are here today and gone tomorrow. We need to become secure in who created us, the Earth and everything in it.

If we are secure in God and our relationship with Him, we will always be able to handle whatever comes our way. Placing your trust in the wrong things for the wrong reasons is the reason why so many people are living broken lives. If we choose to place our trust in God, He is faithful and reliable. Where is your security placed? Have we mistakenly placed it somewhere that is bound to fail, or in the One who will never fail? (Romans 10:9-10)

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