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“Fate or Responsibility?”

Have you ever thought about the statement, “Things happen for a reason?” I think sometimes people think like this as a way to absolve themselves from any responsibility for what happens. At other times, it could be a coping mechanism to help them through a tough or hurtful situation. I believe that, for the most part, things do happen for a reason.

One mom said, “Everything happens for a reason, but sometimes the reason is because you’re stupid and make bad decisions.” I wonder why people have a hard time taking responsibility for their actions and decisions and want to lay it off on someone or something else. Sometimes people use this reasoning to blame God or to justify some decision they have made that didn’t work out. Again, maybe this is a coping mechanism to keep their sanity through a difficult time.

Taking responsibility is the first step towards change and becoming healthier as a person. To accept the things we have done or the choices we have made and leaving them in the past is the only way we can truly be better and live better.

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