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I have a t-shirt that says, “Life is Good!” I love that message! Despite all the difficulties and complications, life is still good. It’s a constant reminder to keep the most important things important; things like my family and that life is what I make it. I remind myself that the decisions I make today affect and impact my life in the future. You see, the good and bad experiences of our past affect the decisions we make today, and become the default reason as to why we did this or that. The reality is that we have to accept responsibility for our lives and the choices we make. We should no longer allow ourselves to be the victim, but to overcome every obstacle and refuse to blame others for our actions. If we do, we’ll continue to make better choices and realize that life really is good. We only get one life to live, and there are no do-overs or mulligans. Whatever the poor choices we made in the past, we have to let them go and move on and make better decisions with optimism for the future. Life is good!
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