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Day 18 of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting: Our Year of Divine Settlement

Theme: Deliverance from Bondage

Today’s scripture: “He brought them out of darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains.” – Psalm 107:14

Welcome to Day 18 of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. Today, we center our prayers on Deliverance from Bondage. The scripture in Psalm 107:14 serves as a potent reminder that God is our liberator, capable of breaking every chain that binds us. Whether it be emotional, physical, spiritual, or financial bondage, our God is mighty to save and deliver.

In today’s session, we stand against all forms of captivity, proclaiming freedom and breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus. Let’s call upon the Lord for liberation, for ourselves and those around us, believing in His promise of deliverance.

Today’s Prayer Focus:

Pray for God’s deliverance from any form of bondage that is affecting your life or your loved ones.

Ask the Lord to reveal areas of your life that need liberation and to provide the strength to overcome.

Pray for freedom from habits, addictions, or thoughts that are keeping you from living fully in God’s grace.

Ask for deliverance from financial debts or burdens, seeking God’s provision and wisdom in managing resources.

Pray for emotional healing and release from past hurts, bitterness, or unforgiveness.

Seek God’s intervention in breaking generational curses or familial patterns that do not align with His will.

Pray for spiritual deliverance from doubts, fears, and unbelief, asking for renewed faith and trust in God.

Ask for the liberation of those who are oppressed, marginalized, or in captivity around the world.

Pray for the church to be a beacon of hope and deliverance for those seeking freedom.

Seek personal and communal revival so that barriers to God’s presence will be removed and His Spirit will move freely among His people.

Word of Encouragement: Our God is a God of freedom and redemption. As you seek His face, believe that He is working to break every chain of bondage in your life. Walk in the freedom Christ has won for you, and use your testimony to bring hope to others.

Let us pray:

Mighty Deliverer, on this eighteenth day, we come before You seeking freedom from all that binds us. Break the chains of bondage, Lord, and set us free. Illuminate our paths with Your light and lead us out of the darkness. We declare Your victory over every area of our lives and trust in Your power to save. Thank You for Your promise of deliverance and for the freedom we have in Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Revd Sam Adeyemi

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