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Being an Iron Man in Life

Life is a contact sport and if we are going to live it to some degree successfully, we are going to have to learn to play hurt. Cal Ripken, a great baseball player, was known as the Iron Man of baseball because of his string of consecutive games played. When asked how he did it, he said, You have to learn to play hurt. As we live life, people get hurt, disappointed and things don’t go well. When this happens, people tend to shut down, quit or develop an attitude that is wrong and causes pain. At some point, all of us will experience setbacks, pain, and hurt; it’s how we deal with it that will determine our success in the future. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to become bitter or cynical about life. When we do, it only causes us to see life through a lens of hurt and with no hope. We need to learn to play hurt and realize that pain will heal and disappointments won’t last forever. We should trust God to help us all the way through.

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